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Indefinite Article

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The indefinite article is used very differently, always depending on the respective reference word, whether an article is used or not. You will learn more in the following:

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English Indefinite article: The use

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As mentioned, the indefinite article in English sometimes precedes the noun. This is the case for the following persons:

  • Professions
  • Ethnic groups
  • Nationalities
  • Religious groups
  • Political parties

However, only if the respective person acts as a representative of this group.


An example:

I am a football player.

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English indefinite articles: exceptions

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These are usually the ones you should read through, so that they can be felt in your speech. After that, you will never have to do it again.


If there is no “a / an”

  • For title or rank designation there is of.
  • In turn, there is no indefinite article.


If there is “a / an”

  • Between as + nouns

I got a hockey stick as a present.


For the following words:

These words also have “a / an” before them.

to be at an end
to come to an end
to be in hurry
it's a pity
to have a good appitite
to make noise
to make it a rule
to seek a quarrel
as a rule
in a friendly manner

Of course there are few more but these are the most important ones.


  • Quantities / time details in the importance of per / each

Milk costs 2$ a liter.


  • By such half quite rather what so + adjective and by too + adjective

But only in countable terms.

For example:

such a big house.


  • In a numerical importance of one

For example:

a year.

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About me

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Hey, formerly I thought that learning languages was an innate one. Either you can speak English perfectly or not and no matter how much you learn – “I do not write a good grade in English anyway.” But I quickly learned that you do not know everything in your mother tongue.


After a while, I gave myself one last chance to learn English. Only this time I limited myself to the essential points.

That means for me verbs: the form – examples – signal words & the usage

This method enabled me to learn English faster than ever before.


Since then I know that learning to talk is not innate. And through that realization, my vision has become to offer other students the opportunity to learn English, just like I did back then. Now I ask you to help me by sharing this article with your friends! Thanks a lot!


You read: Indefinite Article 

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