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Better English grades: The biggest mistake in striving for better English grades is to think that it only takes a trick to achieve it.

However, it is also not a rocket science, because if you restrict yourself to the essential points in English, you will reach your goal of better English grades faster than ever before.

By limiting myself to the most important points, I have succeeded and so you will be able to get your desired grades. The principle behind it is called the 80/20 principle and was invented by an Italian named Pareto, where also the name Pareto principle comes from.

This Pareto principle says that everything you do in your life reaches 80% in 20% of your time and vice versa. This applies to everything, even every single grade you get at school. So, if you were to do only the most important thing in school, you would get 80% of your grades using the Pareto principle, but without much effort or struggle.

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The English grammar

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So I made use of this Pareto principle | 80/20 principle is also used in grammar. After thinking about it for a long time, I was able to figure out the little part that generated the greatest successes. Since 20% of the grammar is, according to the principle, 80% of the total language proficiency of the English language.

The most important points in the area of grammar of verbs:

formation – examples – signal words – Usage

So I finally found a way to efficiently, like never before, learn the English grammar without any real logical reasoning in the grammar. I would like to make this available to you in my grammar section so that your English will get improved in the future!

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How to write

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The alternative way

In How to write area, I made use of what I actually cannot do – learn by heart! Actually, I only did this for one reason and although there was one thing that I could do worse than memorizing – writing nicely in English. I could do that because I always had a good idea of which text form would be asked in my next exam.

The implementation

Now that I knew what kind of text form will be in my upcoming English work, I was able to prepare myself wonderfully for these text forms. I did this by creating a pattern, so to speak, in the form that I now only had to use the respective arguments, for example, my comment.

The result

The result was outstanding and the good thing for me was that I could use these patterns in several exams. In addition, I could always use it as soon as the homework is called: “Please write a comment,” I will be done with the homework immediately I pill out my sheet.

If you also want to get hold on these patterns, click on the link!

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About me

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Hey, formerly I thought that learning languages was an innate one. Either you can speak English perfectly or not and no matter how much you learn – “I do not write a good grade in English anyway.” But I quickly learned that you do not know everything in your mother tongue.

After a while, I gave myself one last chance to learn English. Only this time I limited myself to the essential points.

That meant for me verbs: the form – examples – signal words & the usage

This method enabled me to learn English faster than ever before.
Since then I know that learning to talk is not innate. And through that realization, my vision has become to offer other students the opportunity to learn English, just like I did back then. Now I ask you to help me by sharing this article with your friends! Thanks a lot!

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