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Writing An Diagram Description

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Written by: Editor | Updated on: June 1, 2020 | Published on: July 6, 2017

Write a Diagram Description: The method

  1. Read the task and everything that goes with it 1 or 2 times carefully.
  2. Write down everything that comes to your mind.
  3. Make yourself clear exactly what the diagram should say.
  4. Search the meta data of the diagram (Where did you get it?, …)
  5. Start writing.

? What is an Diagram Description?

A n English Diagram Description is just a description of a diagram. Through your description, you should allow a listener/reader to understand the statements of the diagram without looking at it. A big trick in describing diagrams lies in the tense form: Now, if the diagram is about present facts, you have to use the Simple Present, if the facts are in the past, the Simple Past should be used and if there is a relation between past and present, then Present Perfect. However, before you start writing, you should think about an introduction.

1️⃣ Diagram Description introduction

I n an English Diagram description, you have to first describe what diagram type it is and what the topic of the diagram is all about. Next, you will continue to describe the diagram by mentioning how many bars, columns, or pie pieces present. You will then describe the source in more detail, with the information from the publication, the author and the publication date. After which you can start with the main part.


An example sentence:

The “Diagram Type” chart is about …. The chart is divided into “Number” parts and was published in the “Puplication”, designed by “Author”, on “Date”.


  • Diagram Type = The type of diagram (columns, bars, pies …)
  • … = Describe what the diagram should illustrate
  • Number = number of columns / bars / pie pieces
  • Author = author
  • Date = the date of publication (September 20th, 2017)


2️⃣ Main part of an Diagram Description

I n the main part of your diagram description, you will describe the diagram and follow conclusions from the diagram. However, without an interpretation or self-opinion. To be able to implement this perfectly in the future, you will have to follow a few questions, which you can answer in your perfect English diagram description, only with the helpful words.



What are the things that must be in the main part of a diagram description!

What is most available?

  • The largest number of “Content & Origin”. There are “number”
  • … has the second largest number of …


What can be deduced from the diagram?

  • … is twice as big as …
  • It highlights …
  • more than … per cent …


What is least available?

  • Moreover, the chart shows that there are only …


3️⃣ Conclusion of an Diagram Description

I n your conclusion, you must now explain your conclusion from the main part and present it definitively. After that, you are done with the description of your diagram.

Hint for the Conclusion

So we can say that … 
there are more than “percentage” per cent of … 


‼️ What should be considered in a Diagram Description

I n an English Diagram description, there is only one point, which you have to consider and although you may, neither in the description, nor in the conclusion, bring your own opinion. So do not express your own opinion.

? Diagram Description helpful words

D iagram types: bar graph, pie chart, line graph

Other helpful words:


The slices of the pie chart compare the ...
The chart is divided into ... parts.
only one third ...
less than half ...
horizontal axis
vertical axis
The number ... increases/goes up/grows by ...
The number ... does not change/remains stable
So we can say ...

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