How to write an argumentative essay?

writing an argumentative essay

What is an argumentative essay?

A n English argument is a text in which you have to come to a conclusion on a question with the help of the of pros and cons arguments. On the one hand, you have to bear it in mind to reinforce your arguments with examples and write them in the appropriate tense form. That is, if your argument is based on the past… But before you start writing, you should think about the structure and especially about the introduction.

Argumentative essay introduction

I n the introduction, the most important thing to say is the problem of what your argument is all about. Furthermore, if it is based on a text, you must not forget to mention the source.


A example sentence:

In the following text I will write about the issue that… 


  • … = describe the problem

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Main part of an argumentative essay

I The main part, on the other hand, is to mention the entire arguments. Furthermore, according to your arguments, valid and precise examples should follow, so that your arguments is much strengthened.


Phrases for a argumentative essay

Firstly …
Secondly …
Thirdly …
Let me give an example: …
It is true / a fact that …
Another argument is that …


Conclusion of an argumentative essay

F inally, when you are to conclude an English argument, it is important to reiterate your opinion, which you can reinforce with the help of your strongest argument.


English Argumentation: Conclusion

To sum up one can say that… 


  • … = Your point of view (+ possibly your main argument)

What should be considered in an argumentation

I n my opinion, the main difficulty with an in English argument is not to find arguments, but the appropriate examples and evidence for the arguments. I can give you a hint previously on the Internet to your respective course topic arguments with examples, or to read the factual texts in the book.


Argumentative essay helpful words


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You want to make fast & big progress in English?

How to write an argumentative essay?
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