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What is the English Imperative?

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The English imperative is used for commands. That is, you use the imperative in English if you want to ask someone to do something. This can be anything from the water, to the invitation to write a homework.

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The formation of the imperative in English

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Infinitive + !

In English, the infinitive is simply used without to. Furthermore, an English command is always directed at you / to you.


Do not +  Infinitive + !

On the other hand, the negation is formed by a fixed concept of “do not“. This negation then expresses that the opposite has nothing to do with it.

Remember that do not = don‘t



By contrast, there is no irregularity due to the fact that the infinitive is used for the formation.

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What is to be considered in the imperative in English!

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Please do not ask questions with the help of the imperative, as this sounds very rude, especially at school … That’s why you should always formulate a question.



Could you give me the water, please?

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Imperative English example

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Normal form:


Get in!


Negative form:

Do not drive too fast! / Don’t drive too fast!

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Use of the English imperative

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  • The English Imperative pronounces a command that either states that something should be done or that something should not be done. You should remember that you are taking the decision from the opposite.
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About me

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Hey, I used to think that language learning was innate. Either you can speak English or not and it doesn’t matter how much you learn -“Anyway I don’t record good grades in English.” And that’s where English is so important.


After a while, I gave myself one last chance to learn English. Only this time I limited myself to the essential points.

For me, that meant verbs: formation – examples – signal words & usage

This method enabled me to learn English faster than ever before.


Since then I know that learning languages is not innate. And through that realization, my vision has become to offer other students the opportunity to learn English, just like I did back then. Now I ask you to help me by sharing this article with your friends!

Thank you very much!


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