How to write a character analysis?

How to write a characterization (example)?

What is a characterization?

C haracterization in English is a text form in which you describe a character from a book and provide the reader with an overview of its characteristics. In this case, you need to write in the simple present. With the sole exception, that if you want to describe an action that happened before the book, you are going to use a past. For example, the place of birth … But before you start writing, you should think about the structure and especially the introduction.

The introduction sentence of a characterization

I n the introduction, you should first of all mention your source. This is in most cases a book, plus its author. Furthermore, you have to name the character and a short view of its characteristics.


A example sentence:

In the novel Y written by Z , X is one of the main characters… 
In the following I want to characterize him / her, who… 


  • Y = Name of the book
  • Z = Name of the author
  • X = The character name
  • … = something that distinguishes the person

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The main part of a perfect summary

O n the other hand, in the main part, it is important to describe all components of the character as precisely as possible and to find suitable examples from which the character’s characteristics emerge. Furthermore, you should note that it is best to use as many adjectives as possible in the description. Finally, you can still see if the character of the person changes in the course of the book.


Characterization of English phrases

The person is…/…seems to be…/…acts like…
I believe/think/assume/would say that…
His behavior shows that …
This shows that ...
Throughout the book… the character changes/does not change.


The conclusion of a characterization

T he final point is to briefly compress the collected information into a sentence, similar to the introductory sentence.


English Characterization: Conclusion

To sum up, one can say that X is a… 


  • X = Person
  • … = Short description with adjectives | Find a reference to the book

What should be considered when characterizing in English?

T he biggest trick in English characterization is in keeping the English present tense, as there are often situations described in the book where you have problems to classify them. A hint for this, is to either search for another passage or to make a mistake. The important thing is, do not stay too long on the spot!


Helpful words for English characterization

R emember that you can describe the following adjectives through: a little, very, extremely, …, your character even more precisely.


Positive persons description



Neutral persons description



Negative persons description


Frequently ask questions:

What are the requirements for English characterization?

First of all, a characterization, like most other English texts, consists of an introduction, a main part and a conclusion. Generally speaking, you should write simple sentences so that your reader – usually your teacher – does not have to question your individual sentences but enjoy reading it. Furthermore, you should find a good mean value in the sense of how exactly in detail you characterize the person.

How do you write a good characterization in English?

Well, this is easier than you might think at first, because a good characterization means that it is easy to read and all the above points are embedded in your text.

How is characterization structured in English?

For the time being, a characterization is based on the scheme; Introduction, Main Part, conclusion. In the introduction, there are general facts about the text or the book. The exact characterization of each person is now detailed in the main part. Finally, the overall conclusion is simply a short summary of English characterization.

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You want to make fast & big progress in English?

How to write a character analysis? | How to write a characterization (example)?
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