Conditional 2 progressive Tense

Conditional 2 progressive Tense

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Conditional 2 progressive Tense: Usage

The usage of conditional 2 progressive is similar to the conditional 2, but here, the emphasis is on the duration of the process, which is to be described.

? Conditional 2 progressive formation


would have been + Infinitive + “-ing”

Also, the formation of the conditional 2 progressive is simple. Because from a normal sentence, you just have to write a would have been before your verb and add “-ing” to your verb. However, you must follow the correct English word order.


would not have been + Infinitive + “-ing”

Accordingly, the negation is not much hard, because you only need to write a not between your would and have been.



As well as in most other progressive tenses there is no irregularity in the conditional 2 progressive.


‼️ What is to be considered in the Progressive form of the Conditional 2!


Spelling rules to “-ing” formation:

Particularly, making verbs with ing at the end is very simple. However, there are few points to consider:


 1. For verbs ending in “-e”:

The “-e” goes away:

  • give becomes giving


2. Verbs ending in “-er”, “-ur”, “-ir”:

The final consonant is doubled:

  • occurs to occurring


3. Monosyllabic verbs ending on a stressed consonant:

As with the second rule, the last consonant is doubled here:

  • get becomes getting
  • swim becomes swimming
  • fit becomes fitting


4. Verbs ending in “-ie”:

For this purpose, the “-ie” is replaced by a “-y” in the formation:

  • lie becomes lying


Don’t get it twisted:

Both “would not” and “I would” are equated with “wouldn’t” or “I’d“.


2️⃣ Conditional 2 progressive examples

Normal sentence

I would have been learning.

A negative sentence

I would not have been learning. / I wouldn’t not have been learning.

A question sentence

Would I have been learning?

? Signalwords

As with most other progressive tenses, there are no signal words in the conditional 2 progressive.

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