Grammar English

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This grammar section explains you the English grammar in a quite easy way, with examples, the usage, the signal words (by verbs) and much more. Click on the link to the topic you are interested about!

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Grammar English Article

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About me

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Hey, formerly I thought that learning languages was an innate one. Either you can speak English perfectly or not and no matter how much you learn – “I do not write a good grade in English anyway.” But I quickly learned that you do not know everything in your mother tongue.

After a while, I gave myself one last chance to learn English. Only this time I limited myself to the essential points.

That meant for me verbs: the form – examples – signal words & the usage

This method enabled me to learn English faster than ever before.

Since then I know that learning to talk is not innate.And through that realization, my vision has become to offer other students the opportunity to learn English, just like I did back then. Now I ask you to help me by sharing this article with your friends! Thanks a lot!

Grammar English
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